Home Sweet Home

I’m back from outer space! Well really I’m just home from my pairing in Regina and Saskatchewan, but a little boy on our flight home said he was excited for blast off…so it must have been a rocket ship ride right? This was a really cool experience. There was a little of everything: time spent in the hotel curled up with my book, browsing the local malls/ visiting their food courts, trying not to freeze from the inside out with every breath taken (it was -43 with the windchill), swimming and hot tubing, eating good food in some cool bars and restaurants, and of course flying. It was quite a lot of fun, our crew meshed really well together and we made it through one really, really long day with smiles on our faces (the ‘overtime pay’ helped). I made friends with a man who had no pinky fingers as they froze in weird directions and had to be removed, as well as another guy who was on his way to go catch chickens even though it was dark and 8:30pm. The prairies host some cool people, that’s for sure.

At the end of the 6 days as our plane landed in YVR, my love for Vancouver was reaffirmed. I was glad to be home and I know I will never leave this city.


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