What my life would be without blogging.

So remember that book I told you about that my friend got for me this Christmas, the one full of writing prompts? Well I was flipping through it and came across: “What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?” Since I was looking for something to write about for today’s post I’m taking ‘this’ to mean ‘blogging’. Let’s find out.

So right in this moment if I wasn’t blogging I would probably be watching YouTube. I’ve already scrolled through Facebook this morning so I would be on to more exciting things like watching people talk about mundane, daily things, and I would feel like I was getting to know them even better than I feel like I already do because I watch them all the time (even though they don’t even know I exist). YouTube is a funny thing in that way, I’ve watched some of these people for about 2 years (some of them daily) and so it seems like I know so much about their lives but it’s very likely that I don’t seeing as I only get a few minute window into their days or weeks and so my perception is surely skewed. Oh well, I still like it!

If I wasn’t blogging at all, my life would be only slightly different. I would very likely be doing all the same things I do now, I just wouldn’t necessarily notice them in the same way, I would just experience things and move along, whereas now I experience things and always analyze them for a story or some sort of inspiration for a blog post. I also like that blogging 5 times per week is a challenge, and since I’ve kept up so far it feels like I’m meeting goals and being productive (always a plus).

If I wasn’t blogging I’m not entirely sure I would do the 2015 Reading Challenge, or at least I don’t think I would do it ‘properly’, as in stick closely to the categories etc. I would likely try it because reading=awesome but it wouldn’t be as structured and therefore I don’t think I would get as much out of it. Since I write posts about each book, I pay closer attention to what I’m reading than I would without the posts, I would likely just read as fast as I could and ‘get through’ the categories. I’d obviously still enjoy it but it wouldn’t be the same.

I like blogging, I don’t know if it’s benefiting anyone, including myself to write out all of this ‘stuff’, but I’m enjoying it so far and I intend to continue!


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