Experiment Time

Alright I want to try something. There are a lot of different how-to guides on happiness, and rules and lists on how to obtain happiness, circulating these days. Some of these things seem insightful, but most is just stuff written up for my generation to consume and try for a forced version of happiness. I shouldn’t need to be told how to be happy, right? So what I’d like to do is announce to myself moments where I feel happy. Say I’m walking down the street and I see a cute puppy and smile to myself. The sun is shining, my eyes and cute-sensors are pleased, nothing to worry about right now, so why not announce it out loud to myself? I don’t have to shout it to the world. Just a little murmur to myself, “I am happy in this moment”. Saying it out loud will make it more prominent; make it feel more real (I think). I want to see how often it is…I suspect it will be quite often, and I can use the knowledge of previous moments of happiness to feel better in moments of not-so-happiness. Let’s find out. 🙂


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