I meet some interesting people on layovers.

Last week I had a day off between flights in Edmonton and I watched Bring It On in the morning, then went wandering the downtown core for a while and ended up in a mall. I decided to have some breakfast for lunch/dinner/my 4:30 pm meal at Ricky’s and it was delicious, eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. Yum! As I was just finishing a random guy came and sat down at my table. He told me he thought I looked lonely sitting by myself so he decided to come keep me company. I thought he would only stay for a second so I decided to indulge him, I mean it’s not like I had anywhere else to be. We ended up talking for an hour about lots of stuff. We talked about women’s rights, society’s switch to everything online including making friends online, what makes a good vacation, what our weirdest childhood memory is, all sorts of stuff. After a while I told him I had to get back to my hotel and we parted ways. It was such a random experience, but it added interest to an otherwise aimless day. Yay for strangers!


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