Burnt to a Crisp

So I did a dumb thing. I had a glorious 23 hours to spend in Cancun the other day. My crew and I had some drinks and some food at the resort, a fun but pretty chill night. The next morning I woke up at 5:30 am and kept myself up so I could watch the sun rise. It rose at 6:15 am and I watched it at the beach and took a bunch of pictures. BEAUTIFUL. I headed up to my room and hung out and read in my deck hammock for an hour. MAGICAL. Then I went down and had a humongous breakfast at the buffet. DELICIOUS. Then I went and changed into my beach attire, put on a bit of sunscreen, and went to the beach. STUPID. I knew where I was, I knew how strong the sun is, I knew how long I planned on being in it, but I still only put sunscreen on my face and shoulders. They’re my usual spots that get burned so good for me for covering them, but come on Gill. Anyway, after a spectacular 4 hours in the sun I noticed I was getting a bit pink. I thought it was strange that I hadn’t noticed it happening, you know, felt the prickle of radiation or the tightness of sun burnt skin coming on, but I figured it would be a good idea to get out of the sun and let my skin relax a bit. TOO LATE. Apparently this burn decided to sneak up on me all at once. I went and took a freezing cold shower to try to cool my skin off but it only worked while I was in the shower. For the rest of the afternoon and whole flight home I was shivering and could not for the life of me get warm. I suppose my skin was so hot that everything else felt freezing, kind of like when you’re cold during a fever. By the time I got home at 11:30 pm my burn had come in full force and I was very displeased with myself. I went to bed freezing cold because I couldn’t put any heaters on me that would irritate the burn. MISERABLE.

When I woke up in the morning it was so painful I was in tears. After not moving for the whole night my skin had hardened/ tightened up so it was excruciating to move or even just be in any position. When I stood up my shins had instant shin-splints-like pain because the skin hated being in that position. My butt was so burnt it hurt to sit down and my legs hurt so much it hurt to stand. It was slightly more bearable walking because the skin got massaged I guess by the movement. My options then were for perpetual movement or laying down, neither were comfortable but they were bearable. Good thing I had a few appointments scheduled for that day, right? Ugh.

My friend Chenise (you know the dancing in the rain one?) is a sunscreen Nazi and warned me before I went not to be an idiot and so when I came home burnt she gave me a big fat I told you so, and then proceeded to care for me like a nice human being. Don’t worry Chenise, I may not turn into your level of sunscreen Nazi-ism but I’ve definitely learned my lesson, no amount of tan or fun in the sun is worth that pain.

But let’s not only remember this trip for the burn, let remember the magical time I had before the burn, like this:

photo (6)


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