Edmonton Public Library

In keeping with my newest goal to see Canada’s libraries, I visited the Edmonton Public Library today. Being Alberta’s capital city I wasn’t surprised to find that it was a big library with a huge selection of books.

The building itself wasn’t spectacular, though it did have lots of windows. Accompanying the natural light was a neat arrangement of fluorescent in divots all along the ceiling. It gave the effect of tons of mini skylights, which was neat.

Unlike the Regina library, this one unfortunately didn’t have taxidermied animals everywhere, though the wall space that wasn’t dominated by bookshelves was covered in beautiful artwork.

In one corner of the library was a separate glass room that was home to historical books. They called it the Heritage Room and it had shelves of old volumes with political and cultural information. The smell of old paper was strong in there, such a great smell.

Overall the Edmonton Public Library is a very clean, bright building, and since it houses thousands of books, I think it’s a pretty great space.


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