Since it’s hot and summery out I have been on the hunt for popsicle molds to make yummy cold snacks!

Buying ready-made popsicles is silly if you can just buy juice and freeze it yourself! So I finally found myself a couple popsicle molds at Walmart for cheap and went to Safeway to buy some juice. I was contemplating all of the options in the juice aisle when I noticed that Sunny D was on sale. It had been years since I had had it so I figured why not make frozen treats out of it?

I got a jug of Strawberry Orange and another of Mango Orange Sunny D and poured them into my molds. (This was a slightly messy task as I found one of the molds had a hole at the base and in my hurry to grab it and clean up I knocked the whole thing over spilling juice everywhere. Oops.)

It took about 2 hours for them to freeze, then I gave them a try. I like the strawberry ones way better than the mango.Since they each have orange flavour the mango ones taste slightly too sour to be mango, while the combination of strawberry and orange tastes like fresh grapefruit!

Oh well next time I think I’ll go for regular juices, but this was fun anyway!

photo (26)


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