Sunday Morning Un-Pancakes

Yesterday for breakfast I tried something new.

A week or so ago I saw a recipe for pancakes that were made from only two ingredients: banana and egg. I’m always up for cutting corners on recipes; finding ones that have as few ingredients as possible. So clearly I had to give this a try.

It had been a little while since I had seen the video the recipe was in, so I was working from memory, though since it’s so simple I figured I could handle that.

You take one banana and mush it up in a bowl. Add two eggs and mix everything up until it forms a batter like consistency. There will always be lumps left from the banana so that’s fine. This mixture alone would be delicious, but for fun I added a splash of vanilla extract (which was a good call, if I do say so myself).

photo (38)

I put cooking spray in my pan and poured a couple of pancakes worth in. This is where I learned that it’s better to make smaller pancakes because this mixture doesn’t hold together very efficiently. They ended up breaking as I tried to flip them, but they just turned into smaller, less round pancakes so woo hoo!

photo (39)photo (40)

On the second round I forgot to make the pancakes small, but this time it held together a bit better than in round one.

photo (41)

These are definitely not your average pancakes, but when your dairy free options are to make them from scratch or to make these quick yummy things, I choose quick and yummy. I was expecting them to be egg-y tasting but I was impressed with how pancake-y they were. I’d call this a win! I didn’t even need to use syrup on these bad boys.

Simple and–dare I say healthy?– deliciousness!


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