Who am I?

This past weekend I went out with friends. That might not seem crazy, but I haven’t gone out in so long that this seems like a big event.

It was a celebration for my friend’s birthday and we all went out for dinner at Rodney’s Oyster House in Gastown and then to one of the night clubs/bars in the area called Guilt and Co.

I don’t know how this dinner lasted so long but somehow a three course meal took us four hours to eat. Of course we drank and joked around with our awesome server so that would’ve slowed us down, but I don’t think I’ve ever had such a long, drawn out meal. Hey, it was with good company so why not? Anyway, I did something out of character and ate a salad as my main course. And there weren’t even any fun bits in it, just greens and the scallops it came with. Bizarre! At least I got to have my favourite at first, raw oysters!

When we finally finished our marathon of a dinner, we walked a couple blocks to Guilt and Co. Now I don’t know if it’s because I’m too out of the nightlife loop or if it’s just an anomaly, but I can’t decide what to call this ‘club’, but maybe ‘bar’, but maybe ‘cool establishment’. It was Friday night, so they had a live band playing, but I know that they also have board games out on slower nights. It’s a pretty small spot but it’s go a little dance floor and a lot of little tables and booths. From what I remember of ‘clubbing’ back when that was the cool thing to do (for me, obviously, because it still is for most) Guilt and Co is much cozier and fun than other more mainstream places.

The band had a crowd on the dance floor but when they finished their set it emptied out so one friend and I had an a sort of awkward dance off. Trying to out silly each other was one of the most fun times I’ve had in a while. I think the reason I don’t necessarily like going out is because I ‘have to act cool’…and I’m super weird and love letting it show. Maybe I should start going out more and just be weird. We stayed out until 2:30 am (another surprise for me) because we were having so much fun.

So: out past 11 pm on a Friday night when all the people are around and enjoying my time at a club after eating a salad for dinner. What?! Who is this girl?


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