I went arting again.

The Vancouver Art Gallery has had a full switch-over since this summer’s ‘MashUp’ display, so the other day I went to check out all the new stuff.

Their main attraction right now was the Picasso exhibit. I really like Picasso’s work and they had this cool video playing on a loop I stood and watched. It was Picasso painting simple pictures onto glass, and the camera was on the other side of the glass so you can see both the image and Picasso’s face as he paints. It was neat to watch him work like that and to see how he put his pictures together.

photo 1 (5).JPG

The next floor was displaying two different photographer’s work. My favourite of these was Stephen Waddell’s work; a show called Dark Matter Atlas. It is a series of photographs taken in underground caves and the images are beautiful. I liked this one best.

photo 2 (5).JPG

The third floor was full of Bharti Kher’s pieces forming a show called ‘Matter’. The gallery says “Kher’s artworks are varied in material, sensibility and subject matter, yet are bound together by her penetrating explorations into the meaning of human relationships, spirituality, the animal world and the role of the femininity in today’s society.” Kher uses painting, sculpture, and photography to create really interesting pieces. There were a lot of pieces covered in paint and/or Bindi stickers, as well as some cool depictions of the human body. I couldn’t help but capture these ones.

photo 3 (2).JPG

VIRUS VI-Made of beautiful blue Bindi stickers.

photo 4 (2).JPG

And All The While The Benevolent Slept
photo 5 (1).JPG

Six Women

Yay for art!


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