Salty Corn!

So a long while ago I got an air popper for popcorn. I’ve been enjoying g popcorn ever since, but I hadn’t discover a good way to salt it, until now.

I caught wind of using a water spritzer to both wet and salt the popcorn, and without reading further into it I got myself a good spritzer with a fine mist setting and went to work dissolving salt into some warm water to spray onto my popcorn.

Turns out that just made a nice mess of crusty salt on my counter and it took a lot of sprays to be able to taste the salt meaning my popcorn got a bit soggy.

Since that’s not the aim here I finally paid attention to the details of this idea and discovered that you’re supposed to spray plain water on the popcorn then shake it with some salt so the salt can stick.


What a great idea.  So now I know how to not get my popcorn soggy, but still salt her up real nice!


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