Calgary Public Library


On my adventure last week I mentioned that I stopped into the Calgary Public Library. I haven’t done a library post in a very long time so I’m glad to be able to do one now.

The exterior of the building wasn’t very magnificent but it is right in the downtown core of Calgary so there isn’t much space to make it elaborate. It sits right next to the city hall which is currently under construction which doesn’t help the aesthetic appearance of the area.

Inside isn’t much better aesthetically: just rows and rows of books on a few different floors. Rows and rows of books always look pretty good to me though, and they had such a huge selection that I can’t knock them too much. They have a very functional space full of awesome material.

The one cool thing that they had was in the lobby of the building. For a few days they had a real fire truck set up with its lights going to teach kids about fire fighters and their work. Pretty neat!


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